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Minneapolis City Council, Minesota Vows To Dissolve Local Police

Minneapolis police arrested protesters demanding justice for George Floyd
Minneapolis police arrested protesters demanding justice for George Floyd

Minneapolis city council, Minesota vowed to dissolve local police force after the death of George Floyd. They are committed to replacing it with a new form of security that will truly bring safety to the community. 

Lisa Bender, City Council President, said the Minneapolis government pledged to dissolve the police station but will maintain the force for a short time. Mr. Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis, dismissed the dissolution of the City Police Department but 9 votes of the remaining members of the City Council were enough to overwhelm Frey's veto.

A majority of City Council members have moved to a community-based public security model but Minneapolis officials have not provided any details about the new law enforcement system. 

According to observers, a part of the police will turn to mental health counseling and drug treatment activities. And certainly, the interaction between police and citizens will have to improve.

On June 8, several advocacy groups made their own recommendations to Minneapolis, including the proposal to create an independent agency to investigate and prosecute serious police-related incidents. Mandatory psychology for police officers.

Dissolution of the police force is one of the calls in the massive protests across the United States after a series of scandals related to racist behavior by white police. Criminal justice experts point out that U.S. police are currently being asked to handle situations they are not trained to deal with, resulting in violent and sometimes deadly confrontations.

A new model of community-based security along with a larger system of social services will solve problems before they escalate into criminals. At that time, the police will be demilitarized, eliminate dangerous vehicles and weapons against riot, and be better trained in how to handle situations without using violence. 

Several cities are now beginning to move in this direction. Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, said he would remove the $150 million budget for police, although the city has agreed to increase funding for the force. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said some of the funding for the largest police force in the United States would turn to youth and social services initiatives. 

There are also cities that have tried to reform more deeply, like Camden in New Jersey, which was once considered the most dangerous place in America. In 2013, Camden dissolved the local police department and used the police at the facility instead. In addition, the police are trained in escalating situations, determining the use of force as a last resort. Any police can intervene if a colleague breaks these orders.

The results are clear, complaints about excessive behavior by police forces in Camden have dropped by 95% since 2014. But extending these reforms on 18,000 police units across the United States is a Great challenge due to the resistance of legislators in favor of police unions.

Compared to other rich countries, the United States is somewhat exceptional in the area of ​​security and conviction. US police shot and killed about 1,000 people in 2018 compared to just 11 deaths in Germany and 8 in Australia. The United States also has more than 2 million detained, home to the largest number of prisoners in the world. On a per capita basis, 6 times more people die in US prisons than in the UK. 

US President Donald Trump announced on June 8 that there would be no decision to disband the police force after calls to stop funding law enforcement forces after George Floyd’s death. Colored. Speaking at a discussion with law enforcement officials at the White House, President Trump asserted that 99% of the police are great people despite having some "poop-laden worms".

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