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Minneapolis Cop Charged With Murdering George Floyd Moved To One Of The Most Secure Prisons In The US

The Ex-Minneapolis Cop who murdered George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, has just been moved to the most secure prisons in the US, this prison accepts and protects most hated and highly at risk inmates in the US.

It was reported on the Daily Mail that Chauvin was moved to the Minnesota’s only level five maximum security facility, the Oak Park Heights Prison, on Sunday 31st May where he is awaiting his first court sitting.

This facility according to reports has boasted of never having an inmate escape from the prison and is regarded as the country’s safest, with only one homicide case in its history.
 The said prison is located on the border with Wisconsin between the cities of Bayport and Stillwater.

He was supposed to appear in court today 1st of June but this court sitting has been shifted till 8th June, because of the ongoing protest because of the death of George Floyd. 

The Oak Park Heights Prison houses 297 murderers, 69 sexual predators and 8 kidnappers, according to reports from the Minnesota’s Department of Corrections. And 46% of this prisons population is black.

The Ex-Minneapolis Cop, Derek Chauvin was arrested on Friday and charged with a 3rd degree murder and manslaughter of George Floyd, which had spiked nationwide protests that have turned violent in several cities in the US.

The 3 other police officers that were with him when the incident happened were dismissed of their duties by yet to be arrested or charged with any case.

Derek’s wife, Kellie Chauvin had also filed for the dissolution of their marriage after he was arrested on Friday. She had also pleaded for security from the state and privacy from the people for her, her children and for her extended family as well.

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