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More Information on How Hushpuppi Was Arrested – Dubai Police

The Dubai police in a special operation had arrested 12 cyber criminals which includes the Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi and one other named Woodberry.

During the operation, a file which was retrieved from the hotel room where they were arrested showed that Hushpuppi and his gang members had defrauded about 2 million victims already.

The operation which was called Fox Hunt II helped in the arrest of other suspects which are outside the UAE for crimes including money laundering, hacking, cyber fraud, scamming individuals, impersonation and identity theft and banking fraud.

The commander in chief of the Dubai Police, Lt. General Abdullah Khalifa All Marri said that the arrest of the suspect is another achievement of the police to ensure the emirates of security and safety.

According to the assistant commander in chief for Criminal Investigation, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, the arrested suspects were caught in series of Synchronized raids by six SWAT teams. 

While also emphasizing that highly professional plans were made with careful execution in order for them to have been able to apprehend them.

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