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Mr. Trump is about to turn the tables around

After large-scale protests across the US over the weekend, White House officials are planning a speech for President Donald Trump this week to reverse his weakness and attack.

Political rival, CNN quoted information from government officials said.

Last week, many Trump supporters were disappointed to see the president grope in how to respond to the murder of George Floyd, then later witnessed he could not ease the tension when protesters dragged to the door of the White House.

Trump's allies and aides are unhappy with Trump's announcement of the military dispersing the crowd at Lafayette Park in front of the White House, clearing the way for the president to go to St. Peter's Church. 

This was followed by a wave of protests that continued to fill cities and spread outside the United States, prompting Mr. Trump to come under fire from politicians, generals and former officials.

In an interview with CNN  on June 7, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson suggested that this week, Mr. Trump will have another speech about Floyd's case and racial tensions.
 “I believe you will hear the president speak this week on that topic in detail. And I suggest you listen to that statement and then evaluate.”
 While many aides and allies also believe last week was one of the worst weeks in Trump's term, a source close to the White House said an optimistic shift occurred in the past two days.
Employment statistics released last weekend showed a better-than-expected picture. 

And while the White House struggled to send a unified message about Floyd's death and the protest movement that followed, American officials were beginning to focus on the new thesis. 

They believe that violence did not occur during the protests over the weekend that allowed the president to assert the truth of his message of "law and order", that the situation was stabilized by his determination to control of the streets, a source from the White House said.

In addition, some officials in the White House believe that Mr. Trump was "gifted" by protesters over the weekend when they demanded to stop issuing police funding. The source said that Trump and his aides will associate Democrats with this effort to persuade moderate voters because they may consider the request to be extreme.

Mr. Trump spent the morning of June 7 to match his rival, presidential candidate Joe Biden to the movement to stop issuing budgets to the police. Mr. Trump's electoral campaign has begun to criticize Biden and other Democrats for what Mr. Trump's group considers to be tolerant of destructive and illegal acts.

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