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Mr. Trump's Son Is Accused Of Spending More Than $75,000 In Budget

Mr. Trump Jr spent a tax of $ 75,000 on tax to hire secret security forces on his hunting trip to Argali sheep in Mongolia. (Source: Getty Images)

The eldest son of US President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. is accused of spending more than $ 75,000 in taxpayer money to hire secret security forces on his Argali sheep hunting trip in Mongolia. 

However, the bad news directed at President Trump during the election campaign always makes people skeptical about the authenticity.  

CNN reported that according to a document published by the U.S. government's ethical and accountability monitoring agency (CREW) in Washington, Trump Jr.'s eight-day hunting trip cost about $ 75,859.36 for the escort task force. In addition, Mr. Trump Jr. pay out of pocket by themselves for other expenses, an official working for Trump Jr. told CNN. 

On this trip to East Asia, Mr. Trump's eldest son went hunting with the Argali sheep, the largest of the sheep family with characteristic curved horns. Argali sheep is on the list of rare and endangered animals and is often hunted for spoils. 

Mr. Trump Jr regularly shares photos of his precious animals hunting and fishing trips on social media, a move that has received a lot of mixed reactions from animal protection associations and the online community. 

In a comment, Mr. Trump Jr called Mongolia "an extremely pristine land".

In addition, Mr. Trump Jr. also suspected of violating Mongolian law by hunting argali sheep without a license. According to Forbes, the following sources confirm Mr. Trump Jr. have been granted a license, even though it was after the hunting trip was over.

President Donald Trump's three eldest sons are closely monitored by groups and organizations like CREW as they constantly make private trips during their father's presidency. 

American taxpayers' money is used to pay for secret security forces, which, according to regulations, as the son of the President of the United States, they have the right, though not required, to use the money.

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