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My Sexy Shape Brought Me Fame - Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko

The popular Nollywood actress has just opened up to her fans on what has brought her fame. According to her she has gotten her fame due to her sexy shape.

While speaking to Punch Saturday Beats she reveals that having a good shape did not make her popular, that whether you have a sexy body or not you must have content as you can’t be a star with just being beautiful of voluptuous or fair.

She added that sexiness and beauty can only make people like you but will not keep you there for long.

While also revealing that her sexiness didn’t give her any special privilege, but is however an advantage to her on its own.

 While speaking about the death of her dad and her closeness to the veteran actor, Chief Pete Edochie, Etiko said that she is not related to the veteran actor but that he is like a father to her.

While also adding that he has been the fatherly figure in her life before and after the death of her dad. She also revealed that the Veteran actor had not been out of his home since the COVID-19 pandemic but immediately came out to sympathize with her when she told him that she had lost her dad.


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