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NASA Signs A New Company For Moonwalk Station

NASA signed an agreement with the aviation company Northrop Grumman to build a station in the lunar orbit.

It has planned to send astronaut to the Moon again with the Artemis program that NASA is working on and to conduct long-term scientific studies here.

The company will build a crossover station in the orbit of the Moon for long-term Moon missions.

The Moon station, which will be similar to the International Space Station currently serving in the Earth orbit, will also include crew and various equipment.

The new space station, which will be used as a step to go to the Moon, will also serve as a transit station for future Mars missions.

NASA accelerated work on the project of building a transit station to the Moon orbit. The company announced that it has reached an agreement with the aviation company Northrop Grumman.

Both companies signed a $187 million contract for the design of the station's residential and logistics centers (HALO).
The centers named HALO are defined as the areas where the astronauts will live during the visits to the space station. Astronauts will be able to meet their rest needs in these centers as they travel between Earth and Moon.

NASA alone will not undertake the construction of the moonwalk station. Institutions such as the European Space Agency, the Canada Space Agency and the Japan Aviation and Space Research Agency will also include various components in the station.
If all goes well, NASA will complete the Moon station in 2024 and send an astronaut to the Moon in the same year.

NASA and SpaceX, which have signed many projects together so far, have renegotiated for the Moon station. NASA has officially announced SpaceX as the first commercial partner of the Moonwalk project, which is part of the Artemis program.

SpaceX; Using the Dragon XL capsules, he will transport cargo containing equipment to the moon orbit station with the Falcon Heavy rocket.

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