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New contract from Barcelona to Messi

New contract from Barcelona to Messi

It was learned that Barcelona will extend the contract of Messi for another 2 years, the contract of which will expire next season. The new offer is worth 55,200,000 euros per year.

The contract of Lionel Messi, which entered the Barcelona infrastructure in 2000 and has been in the team since then, will expire next season.

Barcelona's new offer has emerged, which wants to extend the contract of the Argentine world star for another 2 years.
According to the news in the Spanish press; In the new contract, Messi will earn 1 million 150 thousand euros per week, and 55 million 200 thousand euro each year.

If he accepts the contract, the Argentinian football player, who will wear the Barcelona uniform until 2023, will also have the opportunity to be released at the end of each season.
Messi receives an annual salary of about 50 million euros when we deduct taxes from his current agreement.

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