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New York Opens The Beaches In View Of July 4th Celebrations

New York Opens The Beaches In View Of July 4th Celebrations

The beaches of New York City will be open to the public for bathing before Independence Day - next July 4 -, after a partial reopening for Memorial Day celebrations last month, according to the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, late Tuesday.

The mayor confirmed the media reports that the city's beaches will be officially opened next week.
"The rumors are true: the beaches of New York City will open for bathing on July 1."

Said de Blasio, who reiterated that people should continue with social distancing measures and cover their faces on the beach to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus, which has already killed more than 121,000 people and affected 2.36 million people in the US as of Tuesday.

Some states' beaches were partially reopened for Memorial Day weekend celebrated May 23-25, with several restrictions, including a ban on swimming on New York City beaches. 

The city has registered a total of 217,742 coronavirus cases as of yesterday, and 22,343 deaths.

The decision to open the beaches before the Independence Day weekend comes in a context of concern about the outbreaks of the virus in some states and social tension due to the protests after the death of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis on May 25, after a white cop knelt on his neck. 

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