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New York To Rename Some Of Its Parks To Honor Black Citizens

The announcement comes amid the Juneteenth celebrations, commemorating the liberation of America's last slaves.

The New York Parks Department will rename some of the Big Apple's public spaces to honor the city's black citizens, an announcement that comes amid the Juneteenth celebrations, commemorating the liberation of America's last slaves. 

United, and after protests over racism and police violence.
According to local media, authorities have already named a part of Cadman Plaza, in downtown Brooklyn, “Juneteenth Grove” to celebrate the historic emancipation and to honor all the lives lost during slavery.

Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver said the goal of the name change is also to celebrate the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many others who were cut short by police violence against blacks or racist attacks.

“The New York Parks Department believes that black lives matter. Our review of park names and the birth of Juneteenth Grove is just the beginning of our new efforts to address inequalities in our city system and by our employees.”
Added Silver.
"We are doing it for no other reason than that the lives of blacks matter."
Said Silver, referring to the motto adopted by the social movement that in recent years in the United States has been fighting against racial violence in the country.

As part of its efforts, the department will temporarily change park signs for new signs in the colors of the pan-African flag.

Other name changes, Silver noted, will be announced on November 2, a day known as "Black Solidarity Day," which will also be the day before the US presidential election.

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