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Nigeria and America fight for Hushpuppi’s custody


Nigeria and America fight for Hushpuppi’s custody

Nigerian detectives and their colleagues from the United States of America are currently fighting for the custody of Ramon Igbalode who is popularly known as Hushpuppi, according to reports from the PremiumTimes.

Hushpuppi was according to reports arrested in Dubai on Wednesday, which sparked the battle between Nigeria and the US for his possession.

Information from a senior Nigerian detective during an interview with PremiumTimes revealed that immediately the Nigerian detectives confirmed the arrest of Hushpuppi in Dubai, a battle started on his behalf. He has been behind multiple and conflicting interests between the US and Nigeria.

Reports from officials shows that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI) has been leading in efforts of taking possession of Hushpupi due to the fact that so many of the people he had scammed in years of advance fee fraud were mostly Americans.

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