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President Trump Threatened To Use The Military To 'Overwhelm' The Protesters

President Trump holds a bible while standing in front of the church. John is near the White House. This is considered the "presidential church" where White House owners often attend the ceremony. Photo: Reuters.

The message was given in the president's Rose Garden remarks on the evening of 1/6 of the president.

In a contradictory scene, just as Mr. Trump was speaking in the Rose Garden, police used tear gas to disperse a crowd of protesters near the White House.

In a short speech, without taking questions from reporters, Mr. Trump called himself "the ally of all peaceful protesters", but quickly turned to tough messages.

“I strongly asked the governor of every state to send enough National Guard to overwhelm the streets. Mayors and governors must have an overwhelming law enforcement presence until violence is under control.” 

Trump said.
"If any city or state refuses to take the necessary actions to protect the lives and property of the people, I will send the US military to come and quickly solve the problem."
Trump threatened. 

He also mentioned George Floyd at the beginning of the speech, but did not say anything more about violence at the hands of police or racism in the US, which had caused the nationwide protests.

The same day President Trump criticized the governors of the states in a phone call as "weak" to the riots and called on them to "overwhelm" the protests.

The Washington Post cited three anonymous sources for information about the call with the governors. Mr. Trump also called on the governors to recapture the streets and use force on protesters. Some governors were concerned about a private exchange after the call.

"If you're not overwhelming, you're wasting your time." 
Mr. Trump said during the call. He also said "you must use the army" and "we have a great army", even suggesting that those arrested in the protests have to serve 10 years in prison.

Illinois governor JB Pritzker, a Democrat, protested the tone and Trump said he did not like Pritzker's tone either. Trump once criticized Pritzker for the Covid-19 epidemic.

Many places in the US fell into chaos for several consecutive nights, due to protests over the case of a white police officer crushing black people in Minnesota. The US president largely kept quiet about the issue and mostly tweeted online instead of reassuring statements.

Demonstrations also spread just outside the White House, prompting the White House to move the president down to the bunker for terrorist attacks.

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