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President Trump Wants To Deploy 10,000 Troops To Washington

According to a senior US official, US President Donald Trump told his advisers last week that he wants to deploy 10,000 troops to the Washington DC area to prevent the unrest. It was fine after the death of an African man who was strangled by police in Minneapolis.

According to Reuters, during a meeting in the Oval Office on June 1, the President expressed his will to deploy the troops despite the opposition of the Pentagon leader.

"At the meeting, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Mark Milley and Attorney General William Barr spoke out against the deployment." 
the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The person also added, the "controversial" meeting.
The White House has not yet commented on the story.
President Trump has expressed satisfaction with the deployment of the National Guard - proposed by the Pentagon and a traditional method of handling domestic crises.

Defense Minister Esper later dispatched about 1,600 regular troops to the capital, but there were about 5,000 National Guard soldiers here and did not need assistance. Regular forces left Washington on June 4.

Trump's attempt to use military measures to respond to the protests sparked a rare wave of condemnation from former U.S. military officials, including the General's first defense secretary. Trump is Jim Mattis and retired generals who often try to stay away from politics.

On Wednesday - June 3, Defense Minister Esper publicly protested and cited the Anti-Riot Act to not deploy the army. Senior US official said Trump scolded Esper after that press conference.

Joint Chief of Staff General Staff Mark Milley issued a similar statement reminding the military of its oath to the US Constitution, which must protect the right to peaceful protests.

Those statements by Milley and the Esper were made after they were fiercely criticized for a leaked recording showing that they used military planning terms like "battle space" to describe locations. US protest site in online conference with state governors President Trump held on 1/6.

Esper and Milley also faced criticism when they accompanied President Trump to take photos outside a church near the White House after police cleared the area by firing smoke and tear gas grenades at protesters.

The Anti-Riot Act, passed in 1807, allowed the US president to deploy the National Army and Guards to quell insecurity, riots, or insurrection. When activated, the Anti-Riot Act will invalidate the ban on U.S. forces from deploying domestic forces or performing executive functions on behalf of the police in the U.S. territory of the Posse Comitatus 1878.

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