Protesters Tried To Bring Down The Statue Of The Former US President

A group of protesters try to pull down the statue of former US President Andrew Jackson at Lafayette Park near the White House.
Hundreds of protesters gathered around the statue of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, at Lafayette Park, near the White House, on June 22. Protesters tied ropes around the statue of Jackson and were about to pull it down. Protesters also spray painted the words "killer" on the statue. However, at least 100 security personnel suppressed this group with tear gas, not allowing the statue to be knocked over.
"We prepare ropes, chains, and pulleys to pull and we will use it to pull down the statue," said a 20-year-old protester. "The police attacked us. They were in power," said Raymond Spaine, a 52-year-old black protester.

Police and protesters gathered around a statue of former President Andrew Jackson near the White House, on June 22. Photo: AFP.

A helicopter flew over hundreds of protesters as officers suppressed the crowd trying to pull the statue down with tear gas. Earlier this month, police also dispersed a peaceful protest at Lafayette Park before President Trump came from the White House to take photos at St. Peter's Church. John. The church was burned down by protesters the night before.

Clashes between police and protesters who want to overthrow the statue of former President Jackson on June 22 are part of the "Black people's life is also important" movement, which broke out across the United States after the death of George Floyd. , colored people were killed by police on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Floyd was nagged by police for nearly nine minutes for allegedly using fake US $ 20 bills to buy goods, despite repeatedly pleading "I can't breathe".

In many American cities and cities around the world such as Boston, New York, Paris, Brussels and Oxford, there has also been a movement to demolish historical monuments to protest racial injustices. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also sent a letter to a lower house committee, calling for the removal of statues of Confederate leaders from parliament.
Worker cleaning the 7th US President Andrew Jackson near the White House in Washington, DC, on June 11. Photo:  AP.
Protesters in Washington last weekend broke the statue of Albert Pike, a Confederate leader in the capital. The former president, from 1829-1837, once owned more than 500 slaves throughout his life. Another statue of Jackson was vandalized with red paint earlier last week in Jaksonville, Florida.

President Trump has asked local leaders to take strong action against protesters. He demanded that the government "overwhelm the streets". He also threatened to impose the Anti-Riot Act, which allows the President to deploy armed forces in the United States.

Most of the protests in the United States were peaceful in protest of police violence and demand for equality for black people, but some extremists took advantage of the occasion to turn protesters into looting and riots.

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