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Protests In Favor Of Black Americans Spread To Europe

Thousands of people took to the streets of Berlin in Germany and London in the UK on the afternoon of May 31 to protest racism.

Thousands took to the streets of Berlin, Germany and London in the afternoon of May 31 to fight racism and support protests that are spreading in the United States.

In the German capital Berlin, the march of protesters has already begun on Monday. On the afternoon of May 31, hundreds of people gathered to protest in front of the US Embassy in Berlin, chanting slogans against violent acts by US police as well as the name of George Floyd, the black American victim who was killed by the US police who has already been arrested in Minneapolis on Friday.

The crowds then flocked to the former Berlin wall area and painted a portrait of George Floyd. Many German football stars later showed their support and tribute to George Floyd in the German National Championships, the Bundesliga.

Meanwhile, in the British capital London, thousands of people gathered to rally in front of the US Embassy and Mayor Trafalgar, carrying banners supporting the protests that have been spreading across the United States for the past two days.

A protester claimed she was determined to take to the streets despite the risks of infection during the severe Covid-19 epidemic in the UK. 

“Racism kills every day every day. Before the pandemic, blacks were still killed. So today I'm here to fight for those who are dying today, yesterday or from 400 years ago. It is true that we can die from the virus but there are people being killed by the police. ”

She lamented.

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