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Queen Elizabeth II makes her first public appearance since COVID-19 Lockdown (photos)

Queen Elizabeth II has just made her first public appearance since after she had gone into isolation and the lockdown began.

She was pictured riding her 14 year old Fell Pony named Balmoral Fern within the grounds of Windsor Castle on Sunday, 31st May. She had on a colorful head scarf which was smartly dressed in her tweed jacket, jodhpurs, boots and white gloves.

Since the lockdown she has been staying at the Windsor Castle isolating with the Duke of Edinburgh, she had also celebrated her 94th birthday in the castle on the 21st of April, and has continued her official duties indoors in the castle.

 The last public picture of the Queen was clicked on the day she was driven out of the Buckingham Palace to the Windsor Castle home to isolate with her husband Prince Philip, 98, on the 19th of March.

However, she has made two addresses to the people on TV during the lockdown, in her speech in which she reassured the people that it will all end and those who are in isolation will be able to see their loved ones again. This message was broadcasted to celebrate the VE Day anniversary. 

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