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Russia At The Polls For Constitutional Referendum

If the referendum is accepted, the country's President, Vladimir Putin, will remain in the Kremlin until 2036.

In Russia, the people went to the polls for the constitutional amendment referendum.

The referendum, scheduled for July 1, was launched early due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Protective measures such as masks and disinfectants were taken for those who will vote.

Putin's mandate will expire in 2024. If the constitutional amendment is approved, the country's President, Vladimir Putin, will be elected for another two terms, until 2036.

Reacting to the referendum, Putin's opponent Alexei Navalny said that the goal of the Russian leader is to stay on the sofa for life.

Navalny, who asked his supporters to boycott the vote, which will continue until 1 July, calls the change "constitutional coup".

On the other hand, according to a study in Russia, support for Vladimir Putin, 67, fell from 79 percent to 59 percent.

Stating that the constitutional amendment may be a candidate again if it is accepted by the people, Putin said that he has not made a final decision on this matter.

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