Singer Tatiana Serves Us New Photos In Swim Suite

Singer Tatiana Serves Us New Photos In Swim Suite

Like several celebrities of her generation, the interpreter showed that age has not made a dent in her figure.

They say that the 40 is the new 20, but in the case of some celebrities in the world of entertainment in Mexico it seems that the phrase could be adjusted to "50 is the new 20" and that is, as has happened with other figures of her generation, the singer Tatiana showed how good she looks in a swimsuit at 51 years old.

The singer, who made her name in Mexico in the 80s thanks to the song Chicas de Hoy, shared on her Instagram account some photos of how she enjoyed a sunny day.

"My happiness is that I know how to appreciate what I have and I do not excessively desire what I do not have." 

She wrote, quoting Russian author Leon Tolstoi.

In the same post, she added that "she already needed vitamin D", with the hashtags "#YoPuedo #PensamientoPositivo #ChicasDeHoy #Girl #InstaGirl #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay #Bikini #Jardin #Garden #Relax #me.”

In all four photographs, Tatiana wore a hat, sunglasses, and a white swimsuit with black stripes, and wore a shell necklace, which is very popular in Mexico.

The singer performed some fun poses, kneeling on a cot and made it clear that she still retains her figure.

"Guapísima", "bella", "cuerpazo" and "spectacular" were the words that were repeated in the more than 300 comments.
Although from the beginning she was known for her slender figure, in an interview for Tv and Novelas, Tatiana confessed that since she was 12 years old she had to take care of herself with diets so as not to gain weight.

"All my life I have taken care of myself, since I was 12 years old my mother took me to an endocrinologist because I was very short and did not grow, I thought I had a bad thyroid, but the doctor told me that my metabolism was so slow that it was going to struggle more than a normal person, then all my life I tried to take care of myself, I did all the diets in the world that you can imagine, I went down and then I went up."
The interpreter also underwent a regimen to lose the extra kilos that she had and that was made known to her by some of her followers.

To achieve his goal, he carried out a 10-day challenge to eat food in a shake and although he only lost 800 grams in weight, he lost 10 centimeters from his waist in 10 days.

Tatiana was surprised to read the comments of her fans in a photo that she uploaded to networks where she wore shorts and tennis. She realized that she had gained weight and therefore, before turning 50, she went on a diet.

The singer, born in December 1968, today can once again boast of the slender figure with whom she has always managed during her career.

She is not the only celebrity to look spectacular at 50.
The singer Gloria Trevi, who has already turned 52, has sometimes published photos posing in a swimsuit.

The singer Lucero, who will turn 51 in August, was seen a few months ago in a bikini, performing a yoga posture. 

“I do a lot of exercise, I don't even know what hours but I do. I really like doing yoga, although there are people who do not like yoga, who are bored, but then there are people who catch the wave.”
she explained in an interview with Martha Debayle about the way he cares for his figure.

She explained that she does a lot of cardiovascular exercise on and off and it is unusual for him to include weights in his routines.

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