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Start Losing Weight With Little Touches In Your Kitchen

Start Losing Weight With Little Touches In Your Kitchen

Today we will be bringing you some tips on how to lose weight with small touches in your kitchen.

Proper and healthy nutrition begins in the kitchen. This week, I wanted to tell you how you can lose weight even without dieting with small touches in your kitchen. Let's start.
1. Do not keep carbonated or sugary drinks in your kitchen.

2. In the pastry products you make, reduce the amount of oil.

3. Whether the type of flour you use is whole wheat, bran flour or oatmeal. Use cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, which are natural sweeteners to reduce the sugar content by using molasses and brown sugar as sugar.

4. When using sauces in your meals, make sure to choose the most oil-free sauces such as tomato puree, vegetable puree, mustard and chili sauce. Avoiding creamy and high-flour sauces as much as possible. It will save you from getting more calories than you might think.

5. When filling or wrapping, prefer bulgur instead of rice.

6. When preparing an appetizer or sauce, your main food is yogurt. Do not prepare appetizers with already prepared mayonnaise or added extra oil.

7. For both healthy and light dessert choices, prefer dairy desserts or baked apple, pear, quince desserts. You can add walnuts on it.

8. Prefer olive oil and vegetable oil instead of butter and margarine in your kitchen and ease your heart load.

9. Take care not to consume the food prepared at home within 2 days. Daily preparation of your meals will be more useful for preserving the nutritional value.

10. Prefer your plates small size and do not keep pots on the table.

11. Have fish on your table 2 days a week.

12. If you ate a meal, then eat a vegetable meal or a salad.

13. Spend at least 20 minutes at the dinner table. Chew the food slowly and in small bites.

14. Reduce your water consumption while eating. Drink the water half an hour before and after meals.

15. In order not to forget to consume water; Paste small notes where you can see them, or make a habit of drinking a glass of water when the alarm goes off and rings.

16. Cook most of your meals by cooking on the grill or in the oven.

17. Be careful not to buy too much junk food at home.

18. When consuming Nescafe, prefer light milk instead of milk powder.

19. Eat dark chocolate or raisins alongside Turkish coffee.

20. Add brown bread to meatballs instead of white bread.

21. Eat at least 5-6 slices of bread every day or substitute cereals.

22. Eat at least 2 servings of low-fat milk and dairy products daily.

23. Choose foods high in fiber every day.

24. Eat delicatessen products once a month or less.

25. Drink alcoholic beverages 1-2 times a week or less, 1 cup.

26. Do not use sugar in beverages such as tea and coffee.

27. Prefer fresh fruit instead of juice.

28. Eat nuts every day, but do not miss the measure.

29. Add boiled dried legumes to increase the pulp and protein value of your salads.

30. To improve the protein content of legumes, consume it with animal sources such as meat, yogurt.

31. Limit adding excessive amounts of oil and salt to increase the flavor of your meals and instead, flavor with vegetables and spices.

32. Try making sauces and soups with low-fat milk instead of cream.

33. Instead of frying the potato, try making it in the oven by mixing it with spices.

34. If you do not have time to cook, you can boil the vegetables and mix them with salads or yogurt, or put them in the oven.

35. You can choose tomatoes and onions in lots of dishes. It is low in calories and high in antioxidants.

36. Cinnamon reduces the need for sugar. You can consume it by adding it to your milk, yogurt, fresh fruit or herbal teas.

37. If you have a habit of snacking, be careful not to keep high-calorie foods at home, prefer raw vegetables instead.

Now you have learned what you need to do, albeit small, to step into a healthier future. Now it's time to apply it all.

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