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Sweden pays dearly after the unusual anti-Covid-19 strategy

Sweden pays dearly after the unusual anti-Covid-19 strategy

On June 17, Sweden announced that the number of deaths due to Covid-19 of this country has exceeded 5,000 people, becoming the country with the highest death rate per million people in the world.

The Swedish Public Health Agency said it recorded 5,041 deaths from Covid-19. With a mortality rate of 499.1 deaths per 1 million population, Sweden is the fifth-highest Covid-19 mortality rate in the world, according to AFP.

In a TV interview over the weekend, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations had dropped significantly, and the country's strategy of not applying blockade "was not a failure."

"The majority of deaths are among elderly people in nursing homes, unrelated to this strategy." 
he added.

Politics and most Swedish people support the decision not to impose a blockade. However, in recent weeks, there has been increasing criticism that the government has only begun mass testing this week.

Swedish officials stressed that the situation has improved a lot in recent weeks, although the number of deaths remains very high. 

The Public Health Agency said the nation of 10.3 million had a total of 54,562 cases confirmed on June 17. However, the majority of new cases are mild cases.

The number of people hospitalized and patients receiving intensive treatment has dropped significantly since the peak reached in April, officials said.

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