Taiwan Tested Its First Domestic Aircraft

Taiwanese leader Thai Anh Van witnessed the first test flight of a domestic training plane on Monday, June 22, as part of Taiwan's plan to promote autonomy defense. 

Most of the equipment of the armed forces in Taiwan are equipped by the United States, the Thai English leader decided to develop an autonomous defense system, especially when China always considered Taiwan to be a territory waiting for domination, even if by force if necessary.

The new AT-5 Dung Ung aircraft, manufactured by Taiwan Aerospace Corporation with a budget of US $ 2.32 million, is the first aircraft to be invented since the F- CK-1 Ching-kuo was born 30 years ago.

Ms. Thai said in a speech at a military airport in downtown Taichung that:
“The new training aircraft project not only creates more than 2,000 job opportunities, but also transmits experiences, experiment and cultivate a new generation of talents working in the field of aerospace technology.” 
Test flight of AT-5 aircraft took place after nearly a year of prototype was revealed. The aircraft could be fitted with additional weapons, and the Taiwanese air force plans to deliver 66 by 2026 to replace the aging AT-3 and F-5 training aircraft.

Earlier, the Chinese military held a large-scale exercise around the island. Taiwan said the Chinese air force had approached the air defense identification zone near the island at least 7 times during the past two weeks, the last being on Sunday. 

Taiwan also revealed its plans to strengthen defenses for more than a decade last year with an investment program to develop new and superior submarines.

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