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The Initiative That Will Make Weddings Possible In Space

Space Research Company, World View Enterprises will make people travel in space with a hot air balloon-like spaceship called Spaceship Neptune.

Space tourism, which many companies have been working on in recent years, will enable people to travel to space in the future.

For example, high-speed orbital flight packages introduced by companies such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin will enable people to approach the Earth's atmosphere much more comfortably.

Last Thursday; space research company, World View Enterprises announced its new venture called Space Perspective. With this initiative, Spaceship Neptune a hot air balloon-like spaceship capable of carrying 8 passengers at a time was introduced.

Spaceship Neptune will carry people to the stratosphere layer for 6 hours in the next three to four years.
Customers who pay according to the company's plans will board specially designed cabins, which includes a bar and a bathroom.

The cabin will be aired with a 200-meter-high hydrogen-filled balloon. The balloon will gradually rise to a height of 30 kilometers for two hours and will remain at the specified height for 2 hours.

Then the spaceship will begin to descend and land on the rescue ship waiting in the Atlantic Ocean.

The flight, which will take 6 hours in total, will also host various organizations. 

"One of the most remarkable features of the passenger cabins we have designed is that it will host various weddings, events and corporate organizations." 
Said Taber MacCallum, founder and CEO of Space Perspective.

Getting into the Spaceship Neptune spaceship will be much cheaper than other space travels. Although this travel price has not been determined yet, the founders of the company say the price of the trip will be around 125 thousand dollars per person. This price is almost half of the travel prices announced by other space companies.

The company behind the project, World View Enterprises, has already signed an agreement with NASA for future space travel. The company plans to rent a facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando and plan test flights next year.
The first manned flight trials are expected in 2023 or 2024.

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