The Overwhelming Opportunity To Win The Election Awaits Mr. Trump

The Overwhelming Opportunity To Win The Election Awaits Mr. Trump
President Donald Trump

Current signals show that the current US President is facing many difficulties in trying to win another term. The economy was staggering, the Covid-19 pandemic was raging, and the exploration results reflected the decline of Donald Trump's reputation. 

However, according to Politico magazine, through the vast Republican Party organization in the states, Mr. Trump's approach to the re-election campaign is reinforcing a fundamentally different view.

Through interviews with more than 50 state, county and county Republican leaders, an election landscape is slowly emerging, not worse with Trump than the previous six months, even better. This is because the Covid-19 pandemic is regressing and the economy is recovering.

"The more bad things happen in this country, the more we support Mr. Trump."
Politico quoted Phillip Stephens, the Republican leader in Robeson County, North Carolina, one of several remote counties which loved Barack Obama but turned to support Trump in 2016.
"We call him Teflon Trump. Nothing can get in the way, because if anything, it would have been better than 2016." 
Stephens said
"we think there will be a landslide.”
Five months before the vote, many state and county Republican officials predicted it would be a tight election. However, from the East Coast to the West Bank and the battleground states in the middle are spreading an overwhelming belief that, like four years ago, this year Mr. Trump will surely succeed.

Andrew Hitt, President of the Wisconsin Republican Party, said that in late March and early April, the time people focused their attention on the corona virus, internal polls showed "a slack from the spot that we want to achieve.” 
"Everything is returning to the point we want. Focusing on the economy and reopening, bringing America back will create consensus with the people."
In Ohio, Jane Timken, the president of the state's Republican Party, said she found no evidence that support for President Trump was declining. Jennifer Carnahan, the president of this party in Minnesota, also made the same assessment.

Lawrence Tabas - President of the Pennsylvania Republican Party - went even further when he predicted that Trump would not only win the state but also defeat his rival Biden by more than 100,000 votes - twice the boundary he achieved in 2016.

Kyle Hupfer - President of Indiana Republican Party - described: 
"Contrary to what the media shows, there is still a very high level of support out there."
According to Politico, the Republican apparatus that Trump led in 2020 is also significantly different from 2016. At that time, many party members were still afraid to give him a cautious look. Now, at the state level, many positions that are deemed insufficiently committed to the President have been replaced by loyalists.

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