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The reason India cannot rely on the United States or the EU to confront China

The reason India cannot rely on the United States or the EU to confront China
Indian soldiers stand guard on the Srinagar-Ladakh highway at Gagangeer on June 18. Photo: AP

Tension at the border with China is a key factor forcing India to rethink its tactical options, and what benefits does New Delhi have when the tide against China is rekindled in many parts of the world.

Many strategic experts are waiting for the prospect of India to strengthen its alliance with the US in the context that Sino-Indian relations are seriously affected by the border clash, but the reality shows that New Delhi There is not much choice.

This is a strange moment in global relations when many countries recognize the common challenge from China, but it is unlikely that all will work together.

Look at how the world responds to China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Many countries are struggling with debts when joining BRI. Many loans from China have become shackles around the neck to countries. 

However, it is difficult for the international community to lend a helping hand to these countries to escape financial dependence on China. Similarly, many concerns now arise about border conflicts in the field of security and cyberspace.
International relations are formed in the context of a model of a developed country. 

For example, the relationship between the United States and China may stem from a strategic effort to create a divide between China and the former Soviet Union. However, for decades, this relationship was maintained not by strategic logic, but by the logic of the developed political economy in both the United States and China, where they depend on each other.

The arrangement between the US and China in this relationship is primarily beneficial to large businesses in the United States. 

In recent years, the political legitimacy of this development model has been warned by experts. 

The question is whether India's development needs are in line with the emerging US development model.

We are in a paradoxical world, when the strategic needs of the remaining nations to stand together against China have been unprecedentedly high, but desire to work together. The bottom line is that there are few countries that can prove their words by action. 

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