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The United States Is Ready To Deploy Troops To Stop Protests

Protesters demanding justice for George Floyd confronted police in Columbia, South Carolina on May 30. Photo: REUTERS

President Donald Trump emphasized: “If a city or state refuses to take the necessary actions to protect people's lives and property, I will deploy the US military quickly to solve the situation for them.”

President Donald Trump confirmed on June 2 that he would deploy thousands of soldiers and law enforcement fully armed to prevent violence in Washington, DC, and pledged to take similar action in other cities if the mayors and governors fail to try to regain control of the street.

Speaking at the White House amid US authorities trying to disperse tear gas protesters just a few blocks away, President Donald Trump emphasized: 
“If a city or a state from refusing to take necessary actions to protect people's lives and property, I will deploy the US military and quickly resolve the situation for them. "
On the same day, the autopsy results of George Floyd's autopsy showed that the cause of death due to the victim was strangled neck and back leading to suffocation. Attorneys for the George Floyd family announced the results of the autopsy at a press conference on June 1. 

The autopsy was conducted by forensic expert Aleccia Wilson of the University of Michigan at the request of the victim's family because they disagreed with the initial conclusion in the criminal prosecution for the case that the victim died. Overview of available health issues. 

Immediately after the results of the independent autopsy were announced, Hennepin County examiner, where the incident occurred, announced the county's official autopsy results concluding the victim's death was "murder”by strangling, but also cited other causes such as victims of intoxication and heart problems. 

After a wave of violent protests in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Iran, thousands of people protested against the death of George Floyd in Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, despite the ban of crowded activities in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Although the event was peaceful, the police still called for protesters to disperse for violating regulations on social spacing and the number of participants exceeded the government's permission.

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