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The US president extended North Korean sanctions for another year

The US president extended North Korean sanctions for another year

On June 17, US President Donald Trump extended current sanctions to North Korea for another year, citing actions that Washington described as an "unusual threat" from Pyongyang.

In a statement sent to Congress, President Trump emphasized that he wants to maintain a "national emergency involving North Korea" that was first announced on June 26, 2008, through Ordinance 13466. 

The order, which was further extended under Trump and its predecessors, called for sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear program and ballistic missiles.

In a letter to Congress, Mr. Trump described Pyongyang's actions and policies, particularly its nuclear and missile programs, destabilizing the Korean Peninsula and endangering it to the US Armed Forces, allies and trade partners in the region. 

By law, a national emergency on North Korea will automatically end if the President does not extend it 90 days before the situation is triggered. 

The U.S. extension of North Korean sanctions took place at a time of heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula in connection with Pyongyang's explosion of joint liaison offices between the two regions, accusing Seoul of not ending the resolution of the defamation. North Korea at the border area between the two countries - something that both sides agreed to since 2008. 

According to analysts, North Korea is seeking to push concessions from the United States when the two sides will eventually sit at the negotiating table on the issue of denuclearization. 

Negotiations over a nuclear issue between the United States and North Korea have stalled since the second summit between leaders of the two countries took place in February 2019 because of disagreements between the two sides on the non-nuclear issue personalization and the US easing sanctions on North Korea.

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