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The US Sanctions 50 Oil Tankers To Block Iran-Venezuela Trade

One of five Iranian tankers docked in Venezuela. Photo: Reuters
One of five Iranian tankers docked in Venezuela. Photo: Reuters

An unnamed Bloomberg source said on Friday that the Trump administration is preparing to impose sanctions on about 50 tankers, considering it as part of an effort to prevent the exchange of goods between Iran and Venezuela.

The sanctions will be announced by the US Treasury Department and are designed to avoid a military clash between the United States and the two countries. The new sanctions will mark the escalation in US determination to stop the flow of trade and money between Iran and Venezuela.

Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, is facing a situation of running out of fuel after years of US embargo. In recent months, the government of President Nicolas Maduro has had to apply a rotating regime of petrol and oil purchase nationwide, assigning the military to control this purchase.

Maduro also recently thanked Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Cardinal Ayatollah Khamenei for sending five oil tankers to Venezuela to address energy shortages in the South American nation.

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