The US Senate passed a resolution punishing Chinese officials for Hong Kong

Senator Chris Van Hollen. (Image: Bloomberg)
Senator Chris Van Hollen. (Image: Bloomberg)

On June 25, the US Senate unanimously passed a bill to punish Chinese officials who play a role in undermining Hong Kong's autonomy.

The US House of Representatives still needs to pass a bill, which also allows sanctions on both Hong Kong police and banks linked to the officials involved.

The bill was passed by the US Senate as China continues its process of applying a new national security law to Hong Kong.
 “They are continuing the process to take away the freedom of the people of Hong Kong. Therefore, time is very urgent.”
said Senator Chris Van Hollen, a member of the Democratic Party and a leader in the effort to build a bill that is supported by the bicameral. 
 "We need to really do something to show that the Chinese government will pay a price if we continue our journey to stamp out the freedom of people in Hong Kong." 
Hollen said.

The bill is expected to be easily passed in the House of Representatives being controlled by Democrats.

 The administration of President Donald Trump has declared no longer to regard Hong Kong as an autonomous city under US law. But that statement is still largely symbolic because the US has not yet ended its special trade regime enjoyed by Hong Kong. 

 China promised to maintain a separate management system for Hong Kong after receiving the city from Britain in 1997.

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