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The World's First Water-Resistant Face Mask

Wibit, one of the world's leading companies, has developed a face mask that can provide protection at sea and in the pool.

Nowadays, when it is very important to use a mask due to coronavirus, many companies are developing new protective mask models.

The company Wibit, which operates in Germany these days when mobility has started on the beaches, has developed a face mask that can provide comfortable protection in pools and seas.

It was stated that the new mask named WaterMask was made of neoprine, which is also used in diving suits and provides flexibility under water, so it is comfortable to wear and facilitates breathing thanks to the slits on both sides.

Company CEO Romann Rademacher emphasized that the new mask developed could be a new security measure for those who want to spend time in the water during the pandemic process, adding:
"The mask we have developed will restart fun in open sea, lakes or swimming pools. We are happy to support not only aqua parks but also all businesses that provide services such as lifeguards, water bikes, canoe or paddle surfing, and much more. Also, using this mask in public pools, it's going to be possible." 
It was stated that the face mask announced under the name of WaterMask was the first mask to provide water protection in the world and the final stage was reached in patent studies.

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