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Twitter Does Not Want Posts To Be Shared Without Being Read

twitter new feature
twitter new feature

Twitter is currently asking those who wants to retweet a post or story on twitter if they have read it before retweeting.

Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is now becoming the number one starting point of spreading fake news from time to time.

Users generally contribute to their spread by retweeting many news that they do not read. However, the company does not want users to share news without reading.

Twitter, which wants to prevent fake news that has been spreading on the platform, has announced that it is testing a new feature.

With this feature, users will receive a warning when they want to retweet a tweet with any news link.

Twitter will ask users if they can read the news by clicking on the news link in the tweet.

It is currently unknown when the feature tested on Twitter's android app will be released.

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