UK Stockpiled Huawei Goods In The Face Of US Sanctions

According to Reuters, British security officials said they were trying to secure Huawei equipment stockpiles due to concerns that new US sanctions would disrupt the ability to maintain important supplies from Chinese companies.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under new pressure from Washington and some lawmakers in his political party when they say Huawei equipment is a security risk. Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Officials at the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) are currently studying the impact of US sanctions announced last month. These measures are intended to limit Huawei's ability to provide the advanced ICs needed to produce 5G devices and smartphones.

Senior NCSC officials sent a letter to the country's telecom operators including BT Group and Vodafone last week. The letter said to maintain adequate supply of technology spare parts from all manufacturers.

However, the letter also emphasized the growing risk of bad future Huawei's ability to supply equipment under US pressure.

An NCSC spokesman said:
"NCSC has provided operators with a range of precautions that we recommend they take. Meanwhile, we have carefully considered the impact from this measure for UK telecommunication networks."
Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang said:
"Customers are the number one priority and we are working to ensure uninterrupted business. We strongly oppose US-motivated political actions to damage Huawei without any basis."
BT and Vodafone declined to comment.

In January, the UK allowed Huawei to participate in developing 5G networks with a 35% market share in the country. Officials now say they are looking into specific guidance on how to deploy Huawei equipment for the best network security in the UK.

The British change has led officials in China to raise a warning about bilateral relations. Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming recently mentioned that Britain plans to postpone cooperation with Huawei to develop the national 5G infrastructure program that mentioned the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant development project.

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