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Warning Of 'Death By China' Comes True To The US

According to experts, China holds the advantage of market and haggle with the world if it wants to sell goods. 

In responding to a radio program about the new Cold War scenario on June 22, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US economy is much more closely linked to China than the former Soviet Union.

"We have to think about this in the sense that today's challenges to US economic growth and prosperity are deeply rooted in China's economy."
Pompeo said.

Sharing with this bitter acknowledgment of the US Secretary of State, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Cao Doan, former official of Vietnam Economic Institute, said that this is a very complicated situation because it is governed by economic laws in particular, the benefits and the ideological transformation in it. The ideology relates to occupying the peaks of command, or the political advantage that dominates the world.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Cao Doan reiterated the book "Death by China" (roughly translated as: Die at the hands of China) of economics professor Peter Navarro - now White House economic adviser, in which Mr. Navarro warned that The world has turned to a new page, in which there are many different social and economic figures before, bringing a new order.

In the past, China was only strong because of its large population and used to drive the world crazy because of that population, they also "died" because of that large population. However, when the economic shift changed, the large population, from being a Chinese problem, became a huge advantage. Population is both a resource and a mouth to eat, a mouth to create a bridge.

"In order to develop the economy, not only must produce goods, but more importantly must sell goods. The Chinese market brings a huge consumer power and industrialized countries desire that market, the more it develops."
The more development is needed, the better.

At this time, China holds that advantage, seizes the "font" of the world, they bargain with the world and set their own rules, forcing the world to follow if it wants to sell its products. So, Navarro thinks that death in the hands of China is so, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Cao Doan explained.

Another point pointed out by the expert is that China is a large, populous country, if the income for each person is very small but when gathered, it is a huge source of income. 

If the United States is a democratic country, in the republic of this country the president has some authority, and has to deal with many problems, then China is a centralized state, which can be likened to a very wolf, the strength of the world because of its centralized power, which was demonstrated in the Soviet Union during the development period.

"While Europe faces Brexit status and the European model is no longer a dream model, China with great concentration, huge foreign exchange reserves can manipulate the world. Death below Chinese hand is precisely that."
Doan pointed out.

From here, the expert recalled many of the views that mocked Donald Trump when he vowed to make America great again because they believed that America was already great. But Mr. Trump is a businessman and sees what is beneficial to do, what he lacks is mischief, cleverness in politics. 

The reality is that the United States has lost its great position and China has contributed to breaking that greatness of the United States. Mr. Trump realized that and wanted to make America strong, rearrange the world in the order in which development can be done.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Cao Doan, at present, the world cannot develop because there is not a common institution. Since 1944, the world began to form global institutions, namely the United Nations, the World Bank (WB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), that at one time these institutions were operating quite well and could run the world, but now they don't have much meaning. 

Institutions must be progressive, but at the same time, there must be sanctions to ensure that member states must comply, China is the country that does not comply with regulations when aggressive in the South China Sea and many other places that do not comply financial resources to handle.

The economy has a principle: the greater the expansion of activities, the more opportunities for growth. But, the global service network is now being manipulated by China and many people see bright ideas. The Belt and Road initiative, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) are Chinese and many countries' traps.

So, why did Mr. Trump demand to withdraw the US from the WTO? Part of the reason for this is that Mr. Trump believes that the world's institutions have been manipulated, profited and enriched by China.

The current socio-economic problem of the world is difficult to solve when China has variables in it. China has a market and a huge resource, but that market and resource is a trap that it is manipulating the world, the expert commented.

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