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What is TikTok And Why Is It The Fashion Social Network?

What is TikTok And Why Is It The Fashion Social Network?

We tell you all about TikTok, the social network that has fallen in love with young people and that now draws the attention of the not so young during confinement.

The time we invest in social networks has increased throughout the quarantine. 

Having more free time at home makes us bored and we end up constantly reviewing and creating new content for our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok profiles.

Perhaps the latter sounds less to you because until relatively recently it was a social network of teenage or very young users, but it has had exponential growth in recent months. And it has become preferred by its users (and new ones) during confinement. And we know why. 

TikTok history
TikTok is a social network based on short videos that are repeated in a loop, similar to the disappeared Vine social network if you are looking for a reference. 

TikTok originates from the Chinese company Bytedance, originally it was called Douyin (which means to shake music in Chinese). In November 2017 Bytedance bought the American social network and from this merger TikTok emerged as we know it now.

The key to TikTok is its videos. The ones that are most successful are those of comedy, music, dance , challenges (the famous challenge), magic tricks, DIY, sports, pets, whatever you like, you will find a way to use this social network to entertain yourself and have fun. 

You don't have to create an account to watch the videos. But to create and interact you do need to register as a user with your email, phone number or from other social networks such as Facebook.

How TikTok Works
TikTok conquers you because it offers you the possibility to edit your videos before publishing them with a wide variety of filters and possibilities. Creativity comes into play and you can add music, audios from movies or famous speeches. 

The question is to investigate and get carried away, it is a very intuitive and addictive social network.

Within the application we can comment on the videos and use a browsing tab that allows us to discover the most popular videos of the moment or search for a particular user or hashtag, much like Instagram. 

To connect with other users, TikTok also has a system of followers and followers and the possibility of having a private account (so that someone can follow you, previously sends you a request) or public.

To record your own videos you have to press and hold the central button of the app (and use the front or rear camera of your smartphone). You can release it and press again to record your video in several takes, always respecting a maximum of 15 seconds. When editing the video, you can apply different effects to different shots. You can also create videos from photos you already have on your mobile.

The TikTok app has been breaking download records around the world for several months. In Spain, downloads grew 9.4% in the first two weeks of March compared to the previous 15 days. 

Coinciding with the declaration of the state of alarm and the initiation of confinement by the coronavirus, the app was installed up to 348,028 times on the phones of the Spanish, according to data from Sensor Tower.

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