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Why Balotelli Was Fired From Brescia

The contract of Mario Balotelli, who has not been training with his club Brescia for some time now and also has problems with club President Massimo Cellino, has been terminated.

Mario Balotelli, the naughty boy of the world of football, could not succeed also it in Brescia.

The striker, who has not been able to stay long in any team he went through throughout his career, has finally been fired from Brescia by the Italian team when a crisis broke out in Brescia.

Balotelli, who had problems with the club president, Massimo Cellino, has also not been training for more than 10 day.

Here are some clubs played by Balotelli:
M. City

Here are also some cases that led to him being sacked
1. To fight with the coach, Mancini.

2. Fireworks burst into real fire that destroyed club bathroom.

3. He is comfortable smoking everywhere

4. When he faced the goalkeeper in a friendly match, he turned around and made a heel move (showing off) which led to coach Mancini taking him aside out of the match.

His insult to other FC like when he was interviewed about joining Barcelona;
 "Do you want to play in Barcelona?” in his reply he said “No, I do not play football with girls.'' 

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