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You Are Going To Want These Curious Tools And Kitchen Utensils

Now that you have further developed your facet as a cook you surely want to know what all these great inventions are forAdmit it, confinement by the Covid-19 has brought out your most cookery streak. 

If you already liked cooking, you have been able to enjoy more than ever because you had more free time at home. New recipes, new techniques, the stove has become one of the most successful activities during quarantine.

So now that the kitchen is one of your favorite places, why not invest in new kitchen tools that will make your life easier? Many of them will surprise you with their originality or their functions, and others will automatically become your object of desire. You didn't know they existed or you had only seen them in Master chef, but now you want one at home.

Vegetable spiralizer

You won't see vegetables the same way again when you have a spiralizer like this at home. This small appliance includes four sizes of interchangeable sheets.

 In this way, you can cut into pieces, bows, noodles and accordion with zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, parsnips, beets, onions, peppers. It is very easy to use and the results will make you grow in creativity in the healthiest kitchen.

This multipurpose tool is a product that is easy to use, comfortable and hygienic. They are scissors at the tip of which you can attach the molds for different purposes. Includes four easily interchangeable molds: two round/ball-type for rice balls or dumplings in two sizes, and two rectangular for croquettes or sushi in two sizes.

You just have to take the dough and, when closing, you always have the right amount. Swap out accessories by easily releasing them with the tab underneath. The accessories have air outlet holes to promote non-adhesion of the dough, as well as the wide space in the finger scissors. 
Avocado Peeler

It is one of the fashionable foods. Do you want to take advantage of avocados 100%? You need this tool. Peel, empty and slice avocados safely and efficiently with Oxo's 3-in-1 cutter, the plastic knife easily pierces the skin of the avocado, cutting it in half. The boning piece removes the bone with a simple twist. With the slicing part you will get the rest of your delicious avocado. 
Eggs Yolk Separator

This fun kitchen tool (due to its minnow shape) is used to divide the yolk of the egg whites. Very useful for pastry recipes for example. You can divide the egg with a simple pressure by which it absorbs the yolk and with another pressure releases it into another container. 
Foam siphon

In recent years, a variety of kitchen tools have arrived in the market that allow us to obtain dishes that until not long ago were only within the skills of a professional chef. One of those tools is the foam siphon.

This foam siphon is a tool that will surprise with a new way of bringing all the flavor of food to a new texture. More specifically, this foam siphon model makes it possible to transform almost any food into a mousse format. It is a utensil that allows you access to a wide range of flavor combinations for creams, sauces and dressings that until recently were unthinkable to get at home. 

Although the dishes that can be prepared with a kitchen siphon may seem very sophisticated, their use and operation is quite easy to understand and master by anyone.

Nitrous oxide capsules work the magic of the siphon, you just need to let it rest a little for nitrous oxide and you can start enjoying the chosen food in foam format. Guacamole, softer mashed potatoes and overall a great list of novel ideas to experiment with. 
Glasses For Cutting Onions

Have you considered that they can be an ideal complement to cook safely? These glasses protect your eyes from smoke, embers, steam, and onion and pepper fumes. The unisex design makes these protective glasses ideal for men or women. 

They have a comfortable foam seal that blocks irritating vapors, and slightly tinted, fog-free lenses increase the clarity of the glasses and eye protection. 
 Thermometer With Spatula

The cooking of food at a temperature within an optimal range is an aspect that enhances the flavor of the recipes to make, but not least, allows for safe cooking of food. There is a wide variety of kitchen thermometers, so this practical thermometer with a spatula included is really interesting so you can measure the temperature of all kinds of food, sauces.

Improve Your Plating

Plating is a precision task , not only is serving food elegantly and appetizing to the diner, it is also at least avoiding crushing the food while plating, a challenge that is not easy in the case of soft food.

Plating Rings

Do you want to make dishes worthy of a Michelin Star restaurant? Are you looking for a place in the next Master Chef program? You may need to improve your plating. One of the key tools are plating rings, in this case round. You will find them in steel (in different shapes, sizes), but those in polypropylene are a world novelty. The advantage over the steel ring is that it is microwave safe. 
Plating Tweezers

For food with a delicate texture or small size, it is always good to have quality tongs. The 3 Claveles plating tongs is ideal for plating sushi, as well as dishes whose texture tends to deform or crumble easily at the slightest clumsiness in holding. To offer better control, these calipers feature a slightly wider and flatter tip design, in contrast to the tip design on standard plaster calipers. 
Garlic peeler and cutter

Is it one of the kitchen tasks that you like least? In Mediterranean gastronomy the use of garlic is very common in recipes. If you do not like to peel and cut them (it is a can to remove that smell) this set will solve the problem for you. With the silicone one you peel it easily and with the other you can introduce the garlic, roll it, and when you open it you will already find the garlic turned into small pieces. 

A recipe in which you must be stirring non-stop? If your arm got tired and also prevented you from moving forward with other steps or another plate, we have the solution. 
Vacuum packing machine

Surely you have always thought about it with many dishes and recipes that you have made at home. Or even with some products that you have bought and that you would like to pack to keep them for a longer time. 

Whether in the freezer, in the fridge or in the pantry, both fresh, cooked and non-cold foods benefit from optimal preservation that protects them from burns, oxidation and rancidity. The shelf life is multiplied and the food lasts between 3 and 5 times longer. Surely you find a thousand and one possibilities for this small appliance.

Domestic vacuum packaging machines have an elongated shape and have inside a suction mouth in which the bags to which the vacuum is to be applied are fitted and a sealing line to close them. 

It is very simple: the packaging machine is opened, the already formed bag is placed and with the content to be packaged, the bag is adjusted to the suction mouth, it is closed and a button is pressed to start the process. The air is expelled and, once the complete vacuum is made, the bag is automatically sealed without intervention.

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