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370 People Were Arrested On The First Day Of Security Law In Hong Kong

More than 370 people were arrested while police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds protesting the national security laws that Beijing's government built for the special zone.

As of July 1, thousands of people took to the streets in Causeway Bay and Wanchai, despite a ban on protests. Police held protesters to the ground, firing tear gas at people confronting them, using water cannons and tear gas at reporters, according to the  Guardian.

The protests came after China enacted a new national security law for Hong Kong, one of the country's two special administrative regions under the "one nation, two regime" model. July 1 is the first day the law takes effect.

Police said 10 of the arrests were for acts related to the new security law, including holding placards or flags that supported independent Hong Kong.

According to police, the slogan "Independence for Hong Kong, the only way out" is now suspected of inciting or inciting others to secede and may thus violate the "new security law."

Other anti-government slogans can also lead to allegations of secession, while vandalism of public transportation and government offices can be considered terrorism.

China on June 30 passed the law, allowing sanctions, including life imprisonment, for separatist, overthrowing, terrorism and foreign collusion in Hong Kong. The law takes effect before midnight of that day. Many Western countries are concerned that this law threatens the freedom and autonomy of the world financial center.

On July 1, also the 23-year anniversary of Britain's return of Hong Kong to China, chief executive Lam Trinh Nguyet Nga said the new national security law was "the most important development in the relationship" between Hong Kong and China since being transferred in 1997.

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