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5,300 People Will Be Laid Off In The UK

John Lewis and Boots, one of the country's largest retailers, announced that a total of 5,300 people will be fired.

Boots, the UK's largest pharmaceutical and healthcare chain, whose economy has been significantly affected by the coronavirus, announced that the company's headquarters will be restructured, 48 optic branches will be closed, and a total of 4,000 jobs will be terminated.

In a statement from John Lewis, it was stated that the company's big stores in Birmingham and Watford will not be reopened with the decrease in coronavirus, 8 stores will be closed and 1,300 people will be laid off.

Announcements from retail chains came a day after British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced his £ 30 billion investment plan to revive the economy following the coronavirus outbreak.

The altar said in a statement in the British parliament that the government's salary support for those who could not work due to the coronavirus epidemic will continue until the end of October, and businesses will receive additional £ 3,000 for each employee after the program ends.

The Minister of Finance admitted that the new economic support would not be enough to stop millions of workers from losing their jobs, but that there was a "serious recession" in Britain, but it could not protect "every job".

Boots General Manager Sebastian James said that most Boots outlets remain open throughout the crash to offer pharmacy and healthcare, but their mobility is "significantly reduced".

Boots official also stated that they experienced a 50 percent decrease in health and care products, while this ratio decreased by 70 percent in opticians.

Starting next month, retailers are faced with the gradual abolition of the government-sponsored salary payment scheme, reducing the number of staff in stores as their salary supports are withdrawn.

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