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78% Of Russians Agree To Amend The Constitution, Paving The Way To Extend The Time Of President Putin

Most Russians agree on a change to the Constitution, which means President Vladimir Putin can lead Russia another two terms by 2036.

The official voting results were announced today (July 2) with 99.9% of the valid votes counted. Of which, 77.9% of votes supported the change of Constitution and only 21% of votes oppose. 

Thus, if the Constitution is passed, Mr. Putin, 67, could run for President for the next two terms, after the end of the current six-year term in 2024. 

The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, said that the voting process was transparent and that officials did everything to ensure the integrity of the election. 

Earlier on June 22, the Kremlin said it was necessary to amend the Constitution to strengthen the role of the National Assembly as well as improve social policy and public administration.

Putin also left open the possibility of continuing to run for the next presidency if voters agree to change the Constitution

“I do not rule out the possibility of continuing to run, if this is allowed by the Constitution. We wait and see.”

President Putin said in an interview on national television. He also said, has not decided anything for himself now. 

Putin has assumed the leading role in Russia for the past two decades. He said that finding candidates for the position of President can distract the Government if he does not run for re-election. 

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