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Airbus cut 15,000 jobs because of Covid-19

Airbus (stock code AIR) has announced plans to adjust the global workforce and cut down the scale of operations in the commercial aircraft segment.

This adjustment to cope with the crisis caused by Covid-19, will lead to the reduction of about 15,000 personnel from now until the summer of 2021. 

The process of information and consultation with trade unions have been conducted to reach agreements to be implemented by fall 2020. 

Based on an in-depth analysis of customer needs in recent months, Airbus predicts the need to cut its global workforce due to Covid-19's influence as follows: 5,000 employees in France, 5,100 employees in Germany, 900 employees in Spain, 1,700 employees in the United Kingdom, 1,300 employees at other Airbus facilities around the world. 

These are the employees of Airbus's subsidiaries, Stelia in France and Premium AEROTEC in Germany, but do not include about 900 laid-off employees as part of its previous restructuring plan at Premium AEROTEC in Virtue.

According to Airbus, the business of commercial airplanes has dropped nearly 40% in recent months, as the aviation industry has faced an unprecedented crisis. The production speed of commercial airplanes has been adjusted to suit the current situation. Airbus is grateful to the government for helping the company to restrict the necessary adaptation measures. 

However, given that air traffic is not expected to recover to pre-Covid-19 levels by 2023 and likely to last until the end of 2025, Airbus needs to take additional measures to accommodate Prospects of post-Covid industry-19.

While mandatory actions are inevitable during this period, Airbus will work with trade unions to limit the impact of this plan, by relying on all existing measures, including leave of voluntary employment, early retirement and long-term partial unemployment insurance.

According to Guillaume Faury, CEO, Airbus is facing the most serious crisis ever. The airline has taken many measures to cope with the first shock of this pandemic.

It is known that Airbus is a leading corporation operating in the field of aerospace, space and related services. In 2019, Airbus will achieve sales of EUR 70 billion and employ approximately 135,000 employees.

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