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America's Newest Aircraft Carrier Caught Fire

USS John Kennedy (CVN-79) has encountered a small fire. Photo: National Interest.

After two large Wasp-class amphibious assault ships, the US Navy's aircraft carrier USS John Kennedy also encountered a fire situation.

US aircraft carrier USS John Kennedy (CVN-79) currently in the process of manufacturing suddenly faced a fire situation. 

According to some reports, we are saying intentional sabotage by local extremists, amid large-scale protests across the United States.

According to available data, the press is talking about a small fire, it was removed in just a few minutes. However, this incident was closely related to a fire that completely destroyed another US warship, the amphibious ship carrying LHD-6 helicopter.

It is currently unknown how serious damage US carrier John Kennedy is, but judging by the fact that the fire was quickly extinguished, it can be assumed that the damage it sustains is minimal and does not affect the structure of the battleship.

But it is certain that the incident has more or less influenced the ship's plan to run sea trials, and beyond that, to put it officially into service in the US Navy.

Washington has yet to officially confirm the fact that local protesters are behind the fire of the aircraft carrier, but experts believe the government has a certain concern about the development to start suppressing extremist movements in this country.

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