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Anti-Trump sculptures erected in Washington

Statues depicting President Donald Trump as "the man who destroys civil rights and freedoms" were erected in the US capital, Washington DC.

Sculptures made by a group of artists in the U.S. named "Trump Sculptures Initiative" took place in different locations in Washington DC.

The sculptures depicts Trump's position, during the anti-police demonstrations in the country. In a statue erected in front of the church opposite the White House with the Bible in his hand, it was depicted that during in the presence of Trump, the police beat a demonstrator with the banner "Black Is Valuable". "Poser" was written on the base of the statue, which was erected at the location known as Freedom Plaza.

Another statue erected in front of the Trump Hotel in Washington DC showed when Trump was being taken to the White House shelter during demonstrations. "Bunker (Shelter)" was written on the pedestal of the statue in which Trump was depicted sitting on the ground with a teddy bear in his hand.

Despite Trump's coronavirus epidemic, another statue, which refers to the insistence of children going to school, is depicted by Trump holding a golf club and saying "now go back to school" to a child with a mask on his face .

On the base of these 3 sculptures it was written, "President Donald Trump. The destroyer of civil rights and Liberty."

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