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Apple brings Face ID technology to Macs

Apple is also preparing to bring the Face ID face recognition feature used on iPhones to Mac models.

As the number of people using smartphones has increased exponentially in recent years, security measures have come to the fore. Many smartphone manufacturers have developed their own security measures and added them to the phones.

Apple, one of these manufacturers, officially introduced Face ID technology with the iPhone X model it launched in 2017.

Face ID, Apple's face recognition technology, enables users to perform operations such as screen unlock or authentication with their faces.

Reviewing the beta version of macOS published by Apple, the developers came across various facial recognition codes such as "FaceDetect" and "BioCapture". These features show that Apple will be introducing a new face recognition feature on Mac models.
It seems that it will take some time to launch FaceID for Mac, which is currently under development.

Blending the Apple-developed technologies such as TrueDepth camera, Secure Enclave and Neural Engine, Face ID creates a depth map of your face and makes various analyzes and creates the mathematical model of your face.

Then, every time you turn on your phone with Face ID face lock, these processes are repeated and the system renews itself. For example, even if any changes occur on your face (hair, beard, makeup), the system can easily recognize you.

The reason for the process to run so fast is the processor in Apple's new iPhone models. The Neural Engine engine inside this processor speeds up the process as you may not notice by doing 5 trillion operations per second.

Therefore, the  Neural Engine engine is expected to be used in new Mac models.

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