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Biden Nominated Mr. Trump As America's First Racist President

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday 21-7 has assigned Donald Trump as the first racist to become President of the United States.

Biden, who was a Vice President under Barack Obama, answered a question at the International Service Staff Conference from a health worker concerned about the Republican President calling the coronavirus pandemic "the Chinese virus."

But Biden turned to another story, saying President Trump deals with people "based on their skin color, their national origin, where they appear".

He added:
"No incumbent President has ever done this. Never, never, never. No Republic president has done this. No Democratic president. They I had racists, and they existed and they tried to be elected president. He was the first person to do it."
Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson called Biden's comments an insult to the intelligence of black voters. She said President Trump "loves all the people" and "works hard to benefit Americans".

Some US presidents own slavery or supported policies including suppression of Native Americans and discrimination against black Americans. Princeton University said last month it removed the former President Woodrow Wilson, from the school, on the grounds of his policy and racist thinking.

The exchange between Biden-Trump marked an escalation in the intense clash of the race in the campaign conducted between the two candidates, both white, before the November 3 election contest. 

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