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China Warns Britain In The South China Sea, Continuing To "Accuse" The United States Of Being Unethical

Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered strong statements aimed at the United States.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered strong statements aimed at the United States.

Chinese diplomats are constantly making statements about the tense situation in US-China relations. In it, China reminded the US to refrain from "ego", but also warned Britain about problems in the South China Sea.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently asserted to his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov that the US was "out of his mind, out of morality and credibility." He also urged Moscow to cooperate with Beijing on important international issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and regional security.

"The United States openly pursues the" America First "policy, raising the ego, unilateralism and bullying to the maximum. This is not what a great power should do. The US has used extreme measures present and even create hot spots and conflicts in international relations, have lost their minds, morals and credibility."
said Vuong. 

Mr. Wang also asserted that the US is moving in the direction of the Cold War mentality and deliberately delves deep into the ideological opposition, violates key points and basic standards in international legal relationships and friends. According to Wang, Washington did not perform its duties as a great power when it denied responsibility and attempted to destroy the reputation of other countries.

Minister Wang Yi's statements were made as Beijing-Washington relations continued to deteriorate due to various problems, from Hong Kong and the Covid-19 origin to the South China Sea.

Elsewhere, on July 18, Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming called for London to halt plans to deploy an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Liu warned that the move was dangerous, showing aggression to China.

The Ambassador also said that Britain is joining forces with the US to deal with China, giving advice:
"When Britain officially leaves the European Union (EU) by the end of this year, they should not cooperate with the United States to deal with China by military deployment. I think Britain still wants to play an important role in the world but that's not the way."
The warning was issued by Liu after London military planners planned to bring the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to the South China Sea. The $ 3.9 billion ship is expected to be deployed next year amid concerns over freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

In recent years, China has displayed strength in the South China Sea far beyond traditional boundaries. China makes an unreasonable claim to a large area of ​​the South China Sea, deploying missiles and jamming equipment on artificial islands that accrue illegally, making it difficult for US activities with allies in the field area.

The US State Department on July 13 posted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statement, rejecting most of China's sovereignty claims in the South China Sea. Washington has asserted that Beijing has no legal basis for the "nine-dash line" claim, arguing that China's bully worldview will have no place in the 21st century.

Relations between the UK and China are deteriorating due to Hong Kong and Huawei issues. Following pressure from the United States, Britain on July 13 banned Huawei from participating in developing 5G networks in the country, despite retaliation warnings from Beijing. The Chinese side called the move disappointing and false, predicting that British companies would lose billions of pounds of investment from China.

After Beijing enacted a security law in Hong Kong in late June, the UK called the move a violation of the city's autonomy. London has outlined the easier route for about 3 million Hong Kong residents to naturalize.

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