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Diamond Face Masks Against COVID-19 Which Cost over $5,305, Sold In India

Diamond-Face-Masks-Against-COVID-19-Which-Cost- over $5,305-Sold-In-India

After the unique gold and silver masks appeared in COVID-19 season, recently in India, diamond masks costing 400,000 Ruppee (sold over $5,305) were sold at a store Jewelry of Surat City "the Diamond Center" of the world. 

From June 2020, this store started to produce masks encrusted with gold, silver and also American diamonds at prices ranging from $1,855 to $5,305, depending on the quantity and quality amount of diamonds adorned on the mask, according to Indian Today.  

Deepak Choksi, the owner of the store, said he came up with the idea of ​​masks made from diamonds after it was ordered by a customer.
“Recently, a customer bought wedding jewelry at our store. He sewed a diamond mask to wear at the upcoming wedding,”
Choksi said.

According to the Times of India, the shop owner took about a week to complete the "unique" mask. The fabric of the mask is chosen based on the COVID-19 prevention principle that the Indian Government has issued. In addition, users can remove the diamond beads from the mask as desired and reuse as a necklace, bracelet.

Indian people are very interested in the masks costing hundreds of thousands of ruppee.
“I am very happy to have just bought a diamond facemask. It fits well in the outfit I will wear when attending the next family's wedding.”
Said Devanshi, an adolescent girl. 
"Wearing a diamond mask is more impressive than wearing ordinary jewelry."
Previously, an Indian businessman spent US $ 4,000 to order a gold mask to wear daily to protect his body from COVID-19. The mask weighs 60g, the craftsmen took 8 days to complete. His unique initiative which has created curiosity and excitement for the online community. He was asked by many people to take pictures when he saw them on the street.

India is currently the third epidemic region in the world, behind only the US and Brazil. More than 23,700 patients have died, more than 911,600 cases have been reported since the first case was discovered in the country in January.

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