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Donald Trump Aired Anti-TikTok Ad

US President Donald Trump gave Facebook and Instagram a new ad targeting TikTok's privacy.

China based video application TikTok, which has increased the number of users in recent years, is frequently brought to the agenda with the claim that it is affiliated with the Chinese government and leaks user data.

For this reason, TikTok, which has been under pressure by the US for some time, has not been able to persuade US president Donald Trump, although he claims that he does not share data.

In the advertising campaign published by US President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts, users were shown an image with the text "TikTok is spying on you".

Users who clicked on Trump's ad were directed to a survey asking if they want TikTok banned. However, users had to enter their names and phone numbers to complete the questionnaire.

The ad, which was shown to users between the ages of 18-24 and reached more than 1 million impressions, made claims that "Trump is collecting personal information".

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