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Famous Sexual Healthcare Professional In Russia, Found Dead

Anna Ambartsumyan, 26, a famous sexual healthcare professional, reportedly found dead in bed naked in a 5-star hotel in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Anna Ambartsumyan, a popular TV psychologist and sexual healthcare professional, was found dead in bed in a 5-star hotel room in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Ambartsumyan, who is a TV show in Russia and claims to be psychic, was said to have died about 8 hours before being found by hotel officials, and was next to his naked body with a handbag and a black dress.

It was stated that the efforts of the man who visited the hotel room to determine the cause of the death of Ambartsumyan continued and tried to determine the identity of a man.

In addition, Ambartsumyan, who has about 370 thousand followers on social media, has been reported to send suspicious non-prescription pills in the hotel room for analysis.

It also included information that an attorney said Ambartsumyan was threatened by seeking creditors up to 20 times a day.

It was stated that Ambartsumyan, who was said to be businessmen who gave him cars and houses, was married to a businessman named Ruslan.

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