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Five exclusive games for iPhone and iPad that you must try

Apple (or better said iOS and iPadOS ) has an important advantage over Android: having exclusive games in its catalog, titles that, at least today, can only be enjoyed on iPhone or iPad. And some of them are of a more than remarkable quality, and are well worth a try. Here we highlight five, four available in the Apple Arcade subscription service, and another available to any user (who is willing to pay for it, yes).

Beyond a Steel Sky
the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic Beneath to Steel Sky , created by Charles Cecil, responsible for the Broken Sword saga, and with Dave Gibbons, the legendary cartoonist Watchmen at the helm of artistic direction. Beyond a Steel Sky is a cyberpunk thriller full of drama and humor in which the exciting puzzles become the engine of a fast-paced narrative, all set in a dynamic game world that responds (and may succumb) to the actions of the player.


Thought for all ages, Lifelike is a captivating symphony of particles from the award-winning creators of Blek and FROST. Revive your ability to surprise yourself and immerse yourself in a world full of beautiful, enigmatic and sometimes strange groups of creatures and species. Interaction with the friendly inhabitants of Lifelike creates an extremely relaxing experience.

Oceanhorn 2
Quality role Set a thousand years before the events of the first chapter,  Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm  takes you on a magical journey through the vast world of Gaia, steeped in mythology . A young knight faces an impossible challenge, as the sorcerer Mesmeroth returns with a formidable shadow army. Will our hero be able to unite the Owru, the Gillfolk and the men in a battle for the destiny of the world? An epic RPG with more than 15 hours of gameplay, colossal boss fights that will test your reflexes and combat skills; dozens of side missions; intricate puzzles to solve and dungeons to explore. And all this with a careful graphic section that makes you fall in love.

Device 6
Mixing between book and video game, Device 6 offers the user a multitude of mysteries through puzzles and 3D photos that will have to be manipulated  to solve the riddles. Of course, unfortunately it is completely in English so that if you do not master the language of Shakespeare you may not be able to fully enjoy it. In any case it is worth it just for its originality.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe
Sequel to the great success of SEGA for Dreamcast. In this 3D puzzle game,   you will have to take your ChuChu through more than 100 levels that you will have to solve to continue touring galaxies. As you progress through the universe, you will have to master the different play styles of each type of level facing the clock, the challenges, and King Kapu's toughest henchmen in battles against final bosses. Of course, there will also be plenty of multiplayer modes, which allow you to play quick games for four players or invite your friends to join multiplayer battles against each other or by teams in the classic levels or in totally new ones.

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