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How To Keep Your Terrace Or Patio Ready In Summer

How To Keep Your Terrace Or Patio Ready In Summer

Having a good terrace is always a luxury, much more in the summer months. Having an outdoor space, such as a patio, a terrace or even a modest balcony, can be an opportunity to take advantage of it with initiative. A small table, some chairs with nice cushions, flowerpots, and storage cabinets, the options are very wide.

But, given the peculiarity of being an outdoor space, in which the furniture and everything we have on our terrace is exposed to the elements, this space requires special attention in terms of order and cleanliness. 

How Outdoor Furniture Is Cared For

The first thing the author refers to is the furniture. Although outdoor products are said to be robust and easy to care for, they often spend a season exposed to the sun and rain, pews in houses there is usually no space to store them indoors during winter.

So here are some basic tips to extend the life of this furniture:

- We must have the furniture on surfaces such as stone or tiles. If we place them on the lawn, the humidity of this can ruin the wood or rust the iron.

- In bad weather, it is best to protect the furniture with a tarp.

- Dirt must be removed from surfaces, such as sand or vegetation, as otherwise it will settle in the crevices and grooves, causing unwanted moisture and stains.

Textile Care

The expert also talks about the care of textiles abroad. Over time, the fabrics and cushions get dirty and look unpleasant if not avoided. Sun and rain affect stained fabrics, easier tear and color loss.

Some Tips For The Care Of Textiles

- If it rains, it is best to put cushions and mats inside. At night, it is also not good that they are left outdoors, as they can get wet and thus appear mold spots.

- Direct sunlight can also damage these fabrics in the long term, so it is advisable to put them in the shade if they are not being used.

- If, for example, we want to sunbathe on one of these cushions or mats, we can place a towel on top, to avoid sweat and sun cream stains.

- Also, if they are removable covers, it is best to wash it from time to time in the washing machine. If we talk about very large fabrics, we can wash them in the shower or bathtub by hand.

Clean Umbrellas And Awnings

Regarding awnings and umbrellas, for example it is an umbrella with removable cover, it is best to wash it in the washing machine. If not, we must open the parasol and clean it in no time.

We can dissolve a little detergent for delicate garments in warm water and soak the fabric well with the help of a sponge. Then we must clarify it (it can be with a hose.

Whether we wash it by hand or in the washing machine, it is very important to leave the umbrella open until it dries well. Likewise, if it rains, we must then open it so that it can remove all the moisture. To clean an awning we must follow the same instructions.


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