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Microsoft's Live Streaming Platform Mixer Officially Closed

Microsoft officially ended the Mixer platform, which it developed as a rival to Twitch and spent millions of money.

Twitch, the world's most popular game-oriented live streaming platform, continues its activities within Amazon.

US-based technology giant Microsoft has launched its own live streaming platform called Mixer to end Twitch's domination.

Microsoft paid millions of dollars to players to make Mixer more popular among gamers. The company even made a giant deal with Ninja, one of the most watched players in the world, to join Mixer.

Microsoft, which could not increase the popularity of Mixer, announced that it will close the platform in July and we shared it with you. The expected happened and it officially closed Microsoft Mixer.

Those who enter the official website of Mixer are directed to Facebook's game service "Facebook Gaming".

Although Microsoft redirects players to Facebook, players have shifted to different platforms like YouTube.

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